Версии 1.2-1.7 (EOL)

Сборка (27.12.2013)

1. Fix ServiceDetails don’t print on ticket
2. Allow 0-level pagin at SimpleMenuWindow
1. Ability to disable sound at ETurnBigscreen
2. Add OutlinedTextBlock to ETurnKioskHost
1. Fix «покупателей» -> «посетителей» at reports
1. Added visitors chart to ETurnWeb
2. Added chart caching
3. Added report service to serve chart data
2. Add priority ThroughtOne option to queue priority
3. Iproove info display at ETurnExpert using LevenshteinDistance
2. Add ability to Normalize Ids to ETurnAdmin
2. Fix {Binding CompanyInfo} for SimpleMenuWindow
1. Create separate window for QuizReport request
2. Single key protection with code or sign key
Added full name to preregistration results
1. Added user registration
2. Added prereregistration history for users
3. Added preregistration ticket print
4. Added preregistration restrictions for companies
5. Added logging
Added preregistration into current ETurnWeb project
1. Remove Gurdant protection from Kiosk and BigScreen
2. Add ability to start quiz via Menu.conf
1. Fix typo at ETurnExpert
1. Config 55 BigScreen tune
2. Add ETurnBigScreenHost.VideoFiles for video files enumerating. Use more than 400 extensions.

Сборка (11.11.2013)

1. Auto create menu.conf at service edit window
1. Add quiz keyboard
Merge PythonWebVisitor to master brach
1. Some fixes
2. Add ETurnWeb
Add python web visitor (alpha version)
1. Extends support for QrVisitor
2. Add Micron3 config
Merge ETurnWebAdmin to master branch

Сборка (23.10.2013)

1. Add basic support for QrVisitor
1. Ability ti adding related service workplaces
NAudio fix merge to master branch
1. Fix ETurnVisitorService.GetQueueById null reference error
1. ETurnAdmin bug fix
ETurnVoice informer with NAudio
Fix images in help html
Improve queue management
1. Remove DebugExtended and ReleaseExtended from unrelated projects
2. Fix expert row height at QueueEditWindow
Add Basic and Extended separation in ETurnAdmin
Fix GetVisitorDetailsById
Add ExpertInfo control in ETurnAdmin with ability redirected visitor and change redirected visitors position

Сборка (13.09.2013)

1. Fix Kostroma Post config
Backport SimpleMenuWindow structure error fix from revision fe493cfeff85 (2013-04-15 19:18:29)
Improve queue managment via ETurnAdmin
1. DailyReport error fix
2. Version fixes
3. DbDump readme.txt fill
Fix visitorDetails bug
1. Redirected visitors and now serving in Admin
Fix «без префикса» error
Add data check to ForceRedirectVisitor
Fix visitor soirting
Adding ability to redirecting visitors by admin
1. Add 38_UFMS_Chita dump
1. VersionUp
2. BigScreen renotify fix
1. Remove old BigScreen
2. Update Onegomed config
3. Add mass addition for experts to ETurnAdmin
4. Add service priority correct resort

Сборка (31.06.2013)

1. Create ETurnBigScreenHost
2. Changes in ETurnBigScreen_32
1. Add support for word «номер» to ETurnVoiceInformer
2. Add ability to show logo to ETurnBigScreen
Fix bugs in periodic reports chart
2. Add ability to change client title at bigscreen
1 Add detail info for visitor
2 Add visitors report
3 Add visitor search
1. Krokus config update
1. Fix web visitor
Adding charts in Daily Reports
Fix services ricket info
1. Fix null value in CurrentState
2. Fix chart in PeriodicReport
Fix visitor namers in Resurse
1. Add service info to ETurnExpert

Сборка (21.06.2013)

1. AirCheapTrip
1. Fix one query in DailyReportWindow
1. VisitorNamerEditWindow combobox binding simplification
2. QueueEditWindow add all workplaces fix
3. QueueP entity [Required] fix

Сборка (29.05.2013)

1. Kvant wants implementation
2. Add keyboard test utility
3. Fix keyboard process error
4. Fix ETurnAdmin ticket store to file
1. Add ETurnWebAdmin
1. Update MOESK config
2. Add database updating to ETurnAdmin
1. Support for services to SimpleMenuWindow and SimpleMainWindow
Some cosmetic fixes of Service
1. ETurnAdmin GlobalEditWindow binding method fix
Adding reports by services
1. BigScreen IsShowNonActiveWorkplaces fix
1. BigScreen edit window fix
1. Adding the concept of service
2. Changes in Kanash’s menu

Сборка (18.04.2013)

1. Add moving text
Add ability to configure redirection queue in ETurnAdmin
Add ability print and redact ticket from fastreport
Adding {{Position}} and {{PluralVisitorBefore}} to ticket
1. Add ability to hide inactive workplaces on the bigscreen
2. Add ability to set your own queue name on the bigscreen

Сборка (21.02.2013)

* Исправлены ошибки в демо-версии
* Исправлены ошибки в отчёте специалиста
* Исправлены ошибки в редакторе списка аппаратных пультов оператора
* Исправлена «гонка» с PostgreSQL при автозапуске системы
+ Добавлена возможность запуска инфо-экрана в невидимом режиме
+ Посетители по предзаписи теперь сразу получают нормальный номер
+ Добавлена возможность настройки отдельного макета талона для предзаписи