Версия 1.55 (EOL)

Сборка (02.05.2017)


Сборка (16.11.2016)


Сборка (05.09.2016)


Сборка (05.09.2016)


Сборка (25.08.2016)


Сборка (04.08.2016)

Merge with ETurnInstaller Restore backup only of database not exist or empty None’s bugfix Always restore default backup if not exist another Merge with ETurnInstaller Script for deploy ETurnWeb under Ubuntu Merge with ETurnInstaller Using settings_production Distribs binaries Merge with WebImprovements Settings: option to specify hostname Production settings updated NLog maxArchiveFiles option set to 10 ETurnIntegrationService PostgreSQL version independent Behavior for database restore ETurn web project

Версия (08.07.2016)

CheckDbConnection fix Null reference fix

Версия (07.07.2016)

Added requirements Settings for pecom updated Visitor queue reference time fixed InstanceSummaryInfo

Версия (23.05.2016)

Set TicketPrintTimestamp for visitor by prereg if prereg load target is queue. Added DB merge after branches merge. Merge with 1.54 Merge with 1.52