Версии 1.8-1.22 (EOL)

Сборка (26.11.2014)

Used NAudio instead of SoundPlayer for BigScreen
Fix for props displaying in ETurnAdmin
Adding menu voicing

Сборка (25.11.2014)

1. Add config 108
2. Fix VisitorsBefore +1 error
3. VersionUp
Svetovod num pad: removed excess logging, fixed adding num pads «on the run», added polling cycle skipping for disconnected pads
Fixed multiple poll threads starting in NumPad dispatcher
Fixed logging in SvetovodNumPad
Added window with displaying of time left until invitation to ETurnBigScreenHost
1. Added <br> tag in ETurnMenuConfigurator
2. Fixed size of PropertyGrid in ETurnMenuConfigurator
3. Fixed wrapping text in ETurnMenuConfigurator
Fixed duplicated tabs in KeyboardEditWindow
Fixed error, preventing opening of records window in ETurnAdmin, when there are several records for one user
1. Added tracking of cancelled preregistration
2. Allowed cancelling preregistration if visitor is added to queue
Prereg scheduling by date added
1. Fix «,» error at charts
2. Fix cleanDb script
3. Fix visitor namer display at queue config
4. Add config 107
5. VersionUp
1. Removed visitor namers“ uniqueness by prefix, so namers with same prefixes are allowed
2. No more inner state storing for sequential visitor namer, now it gets name directly from db.
Add KeypadType parameter to QuizKeyHandler

Сборка (11.11.2014)

1. Fixed width in ETurnMenuConfigurator
2. Fixed scrollbar in ETurnMenuConfigurator
Fix reports
Fixed voice recording
1. Added visitor details to prereg journal in ETurnAdmin
2. Added displaying of seconds in visitor details window
Added «Service» column to «CurrentSystemState» in ETurnAdmin
Fixed charts in ETurnAdmin
Added displaying of printer state to ETurnKioskHost
Fixed statcollector and some kiosk links
Fixed ExpertKeyHandler and some logging
Added num pad processing to ETurnService
1. Added num pad keyboard to database
2. Added admin control for Svetovod num pad
Adding num pad processing to ETurnService
Added all functions of ETurnExpert to ExpertKeyHandler
Identification fix
Added some basic stuff for SvetovodNumPad
1. Switch config 99 to GUI-Designer
2. Add LastVisitorIsServed to Expert for autoinvite order rotation

Сборка (23.10.2014)

1. Add Heartbeat to NotifyService.
Better fix of restoring from config
Fixed restoring from configuration in ETurnAdmin
Fixed sorting in AutoMenu
Added timestamp to config, fixed config handling on server
1. Fixed service picker in ETurnMenuConfigurator
2. Fixed sorting in ETurnMenuConfigurator
Fix TTL handling for prereg visitor
1. Fixed ovpn keys & certs generation and downloading
2. Fixed charts“ caching
3. Fixed config uploading/downloading
4. Fixed charts displaying
1. Added prereg history for company
2. Fixed prereg_print.html
3. Updater updates! While in develop for the present
Prereg fixes
fixed default client title in BigScreenProperties
ETurnExpert ForExpertQueueInfoMaxHeight default value change
Added init method for ObjectSelectionWindow
DBUpdate fixed, BigScreenEditWindow & KioskEditWindow db interface fixed
Updated ETurnMenuConfigurator for IdeaCMS
Kiosk properties moving finished
BigScreen properties moving finished
Config changing of BigScreen and Kiosk in ETurnAdmin finished

Сборка (29.09.2014)

1. Add config 101
2. VersionUp
building fix
Fixed migrations
Fixed GenerateAutoMenu
Fixed null selected item

Сборка (24.09.2014)

1. Implements ability to show prefix at 7-segments led panel
2. Replace ThroughOne with InviteInSequenceLimit at QueuePriority
3. VersionUp
1. Fix no service vistor invite
2. VersionUp
3. Akibank config update

Сборка (12.09.2014)

Added ETurnMenuConfigurator
Fix related_prereg_queue_visitor table creation

** 2014-09-04 14:45:11 +0400 Сборка (04.09.2014) «»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»

Improove SMS-informer
3. Add DateTimeControl to ETurnKioskHost
1. Version Up
2. Fix popup window show
3. Add ShowPopOnAnyEnqueue option

Сборка (16.07.2014)

1. Add SuccessQueueUpKioskInfo and SuccessQueueUpTicketInfo
2. Rostelekom fixes
3. VersionUp
1. Kit fix compile against new current version of system
Clean printing queue before ticket print
Patch for MDM ETurnService on virtual machine run
2. Fix service miss error at SimpleMenuWindow
3. Add ETurnExpertWeb
1. Fix video freeze at HSE config
Sloppy datetime fix for report service

Сборка (22.06.2014)

Report by expert created
Report by visitor created
DailyReport fixed
PeriodicReport fixed
2. Add support for Svetovod3Key
Fixing PeriodicReportWindow
Fixing PeriodicReportWindow
Working on PeriodicReportWindow
Configuring PreregJournailWindow. Filter became noncasesensetive
Added skeleton for interop using json rpc, added lib for periodic report data obtaining (impl #728)
PreregJournail and PopUpWindow configured
Configuring of PteregJournailWindow

Сборка (11.06.2014)

Started developing of PreregJournailWindow
Addition to PopUpWindow
Finished developing of PopUpWindow
Started developing of PopUpWindow
add big screen checkbox
add queue graph for big screen
Change ETurnService WebVisitorService and ETurnReportService listen options

Сборка (27.05.2014)

ETurnAdmin TicketLimetEditWindow modified
TicketLimitEdit modified, ETurnTicketLimit controller modified
TicketLimitEditWindow configured
ETurnTicketLimitController removed to ETurnCommonDB;
day related ticket information added to TicketLimitEdit;
started checking of entered data functionality to TicketLimitEdit;
1. 1C support for Apteki
ETurnCoreVisitor and TicketLimitEdit configured
Changes in TicketLimitEdit: added Name column to service related tickets and
sorting by Sort column
DB update fixed
1. Add PreregTarget settings interface
addition of service related ticket realisation finished again
addition of service related ticket realisation finished
service tickets creation in db and ETurn project
addition of service related ticket realisation started
Addition of experts and workplaces to related data modified
Addition of workplaces to related worplace list modified
Addition of workplaces to related worplace list created
1. Fix ETurnExpert tools layout
2. Improove service import from text file
ETurn settings window upgraded
2. Fix ETurnExpert ActionGrid margin
1. Hide ETurnExpert Recall button
1. Config 60 FlowDocument button not clicked fix
2. Ability to determine expert and workplace for quiz
Fixing of SoundNotifications.cs
1. Improove Expert sound play on new visitor
2. Fix VisitorsReviewError
Fix queue edit window combo errors
Added an opportunity of sound notification about new clients in ETurnExpert
VisitorsReviewViewer columns visitbility config code iprooves (ref #685)
Choosing of columns visibility’s got a little fixed
1. Выбор столбцов в окне «Посетители» приложения ETurnExpert(impl #685)

Сборка (08.04.2014)

1. Add config 70 backup
2. Fix bigscreen styles
1. Add dump
2. VersionUp
Added script for generating certificates
1. Delete UI from bin
2. Fixed production settings
1. Added ETurnUpdate
2. Added update function in ETurnAdmin, ETurnKiosk, ETurnBigScreen, ETurnExpert, ETurnService
Added update stuff in ETurnWeb

Сборка (02.04.2014)

1. VersionUp
2. Release.ps1 update
Extend Kiosk and BigScreen styling abilities
Switch for build script from cmd to PowerShell

Сборка (25.03.2014)

1. Fix GetVisitorsReview for expert 1. Fix next visitor found on service selection 1. Svetovod keyboard test support Add import and export database by using xml Moved API_KEY from settings to company table Added column menu_conf in kiosk 1. Support for perexpert quiz result view 1. ETurnContext handling fix 1. Fix ETurnExpert service reference Change TicketLimit behavoir After merge fix: DBUpdaters, ORMService Fix Demo build error 1. Update config 66 2. Add Release build script 3. VersionUp 1. Add config 66 (Petroelectrosbyt) 2. Expert is allowed to selected required services 3. Fix ETurnExpert error after quick invite after login

Сборка (17.02.2014)

1. Added ExtraNumericNames and ServiceSlotUsed to visitor
1. ETurnBigScreen single instance
1. Add encoding to MP3 in ETurnExpert
2. Playing mp3 stream in ETurnAdmin
3. Periodic update RecordCore
1. Migration on EF in ETurnRecordService
2. Edit record core config in ETurnAdmin
File access exception fix
Added ability play records in EturnAdmin
1. Update 62 config
2. Fix NotifyService instance model
1. Split 26 to 26.1 and 26.2
2. Fixes
1. Добавлен СОКОК QuizHandler
2. Fix SimpleMenuWindow header display fix
Add talks recording (basic func)