Версия 1.54 (EOL)

Сборка (11.05.2016)

Update 20151106To20151107 fix Fixed «SendSMSClick» in expert, added check VisitorRelatedInfo == null. Fixed permanent autoresize for rows in QueueEditWindow. Add palette generation

Сборка (13.04.2016)

Web fixes Fixed getting available services for expert. JSON-RPC encoding fix

Сборка (31.03.2016)

Merge with ETurnWebExpert1451 (полностью функциональный ETurnWebExpert) Loading modal update Loading message changed Service selection updated experts/visitors info added on service selection page Merge with Doc1.54 Add system requirements to doc

Сборка (30.03.2016)

Merge with ETurnFix Added show the license plate at expert utility. Fixed preregistered sorting. Database updater for multi branches Updated references for 0090 ETurnBigScreen and added Nlog.

Сборка (28.03.2016)

Minimize JSON-service response time DocUpdate Fix starting lame process.

Сборка (23.03.2016)

eturnweb localization ru fix eturnweb default language fix eturnweb localization fix

Сборка (22.03.2016)

Kb handlingfix Priority fixes

Сборка (11.03.2016)

Check workplace for service fix Priority fixes UI for dynamic services priority Add dynamic priority for services(without UI) Some fixes

Сборка (10.03.2016)

Fix workplace extract from ETurnExpert.exe.config

Сборка (09.03.2016)

1. QuizKeyHandler improovments (app.config restore, app.config clean, WCF service remove) Reset rows sync status SystemInstances status template changed: -online status displayed before instance name (more pretty); -time displayed in instance timezone. Instance last seen feature Build script changed for UpdateAgent Added update action to IntegrationService, SMSInformerService, RecordService Added common AssemblyVersionInfo to SMSInformerService, ReportService Activation email custom body & translation fix Password reset email customized and localized Added the positives number for record stopped timer. Fixed the recording when expert utility is closing. Start recording when expert is logged. Try start record without visitor. Some fixes for recording for visitor. Added the version to eturn installer name in release script. QuizKeyHandler NLog update Confirm definite time visitors error type detecting changed Visitor namers reseting on overflow

Сборка (01.03.2016)

Added experts“ queues and services selection storing to database (impl #1472)

Сборка (27.02.2016)

TicketPrintTimestamp fix

Сборка (26.02.2016)

1. PreregTicket.frx Web Password reset created eturnweb_1274; Web Localization updated eturnweb_1274. registration form recreated eturnweb_1274 Password reset started

Сборка (19.02.2016)

2. Set HideServingTimer default to general purpose value Merge with EvenLoadingExperts

Сборка (19.02.2016)

  1. Add HideServingTimer option

3. Fix visitor wait message Depending on the «AutoInvite» changed the message on the expert. Fixed even loading experts. Deleting the logic of over inviting time for experts.

Сборка (18.02.2016)

eturnweb fixes Show led display no visitor message when expert login 1. Fix KbButton debouce 2. Fix quiz report query

Сборка (13.02.2016)

QuizImproove Milestone 2494:e0e134fef5d1 Update wsgi.py for eturn expert Editing update period add to ETurnAdmin Add methods for queues buttons enabled changes

Сборка (10.02.2016)

Letter first ledPanel shows at first sign part of visitor number if prefix is empty WithCharLedPanelFix Fix done

Сборка (04.02.2016)

Fixed the trouble of expert record without visitors. Changed report period for bigscreen informer from year to month. I. ETurnLicenseUpdate - db default host (for production use) II. ETurn.sln - removed junk build configurations III. Release script: 1) Build improved for step II 2) Expert and BigScreen with Quiz/Voice aggregated 3) Swaped installation buil step IV. ETurn Installer script - improved for step III.1 ETurnUpdate «-silent» command line arg Production settings Some preparations for Django 1.9 Added «Support expiration» field to ETurnLicenseWeb; Created migrations Initial data moced to migration ETurn Manual new Added support to ETurnAdmin PostgreSQL 9.5, reworked detection code version.

Сборка (29.01.2016)

+ Добавлен инсталлятор основных компонентов системы